Make Money Selling at Festivals

There are many things that people can sell at festivals, and these include food, products, art and even photography. By doing this, the main aim is usually to make money or turn a profit. At times, it can be to create awareness about your products. We are going to take a look at how you can make money selling at festivals.

Make Money Selling at Festivals

Evaluating Festivals and Your Product

Scout the show ahead of time

It is good to scout the festival so that you can know what is selling the most and whether they match the products that you have. Find out what people are buying, what the booths with the longest queues are selling. The probability is high that most of the vendors have been to other festivals and are likely to recommend where there will be other festivals.

Stick with small shows early on

It is important to start off small since you wouldn’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a project that becomes a major failure. The more experienced that you become, the more that you can spend and attend bigger festivals.

Plan ahead for volume

Whether it is a photo festival, renaissance festival, art festival, or whatever kind of festival, you would want to plan ahead and know how many guests will be in attendance. This will enable you to bring enough products to cater for the volumes of people that are there. Most festivals usually have an estimate of the number of guests that might be in attendance.

Tailor the product to the show

You need to have products that are tailored to the show or else they might not sell. You need to think of what the guests are bound to buy. If they are after landscape photos, it wouldn’t be a good idea to go and sell portrait photos at the festival. It would be better to have a bigger concentration of landscape photos.

Keep it simple

You wouldn’t want to overwhelm your customers at the festival by having too many options. Remember, it is not a store or restaurant where you can offer everything that you have to offer.

Create a well-crafted booth

You would want to have an attractive booth that is also clean and tidy. Think of the sort of atmosphere that you would like to create and design your booth based on that. Lighting is one of the things that enhances the look of booths.


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