How to Dress for an Outdoor Summer Festival

Once the sun comes out and the temperature rises, the number of festivals coming to town increases dramatically. Events focused on music, art, and culture can be a great way to enjoy some time out in the summer sun, but they are even more enjoyable if you are comfortable. And part of being comfortable is based on how you dress. So, what is the best way to dress for an outdoor summer festival? By following these tips.

Mind the Fabric

A major factor in the comfort of your clothing is the fabric. And, when it’s a hot summer day, you want that material to breathe. One of the easiest ways to ensure what you wear will breathe properly is to choose natural fabrics. Cotton, bamboo and even silk all allow air to move through the weave, and they aren’t as inherently affected by ambient temperature as some synthetics. That can make it easier to regulate your body temperature.

Summer Festival

However, there are certain synthetic materials that can work well in hot weather too. Certain moisture wicking materials can help keep sweat off of your skin, and other performance fabrics are designed to promote airflow. If you are going with a synthetic option, make sure it is designed for the hot, sunny conditions. Otherwise, you may find yourself in an uncomfortable spot.

Consider Cut

In some cases, which cut is considered comfortable in hot weather depends on the person. Some people prefer to wear looser items for improving air flow. Additionally, it can help keep the heat of the sun from having as much contact with the skin directly under the fabric.

However, certain performance fabrics actually work better when they are fairly close to the skin. Additionally, some people prefer cotton items to be fairly fitted instead of loose. So, when it comes to cut, it is important to consider what is comfortable to you. Just make sure you avoid cuts that may lead to chaffing if heat or moisture builds up, or if there is excess friction.

Watch Your Footwear

When it comes to footwear for summer festivals, it has less to do with the style and more to do with general comfort and support. As you enjoy the festivities, you are likely going to spend the majority of your time on your feet. That means you want to choose a shoe that you can walk or stand in for the majority of the day.

Choose an option that provides sufficient arch support and avoid styles that tend to lead to blisters or raw skin. If you haven’t worn a particular pair of shoes for a long period, consider bringing a few bandaids in case a spot unexpectedly starts to rub.

You may also want to consider airflow when choosing a shoe. For example, a waterproof hiking boot may be comfortable, but it is also likely to trap heat, so it might not be the best choice for a summer festival. In contrast, a flip-flop may be cooler, but most have poor arch support, and some even alter how you walk. This could cause fatigue or pain depending on how long you wear them.

As you can see, the tips above will work for almost any style of dress, from casual looks to polished ones. That means you can still be true to you while being comfortable at your favorite summer festival.

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