Decorating Your Music Studio

When it comes to a music studio, most of the time interior design is ignored especially if the studio is still new. Many people would focus on many other things not remembering interior décor is equally important. The interior décor of a building is not only visually appealing, but change the vibe of the place and stimulate creativity. Our environment has much effect on us than we may imagine. It is therefore important to create the right mood and ambience with the right interior decors.

When it comes to decorating an art studio, many factors come into play. The most important factor to consider is the available space. The amount of space you have will influence the kind of interior décor you will settle on. The amount of available lighting is also important. Lighting is an integral part of interior décor that cannot be ignored. Most of the time, lighting is used to create ambience and hence the amount of light is an important consideration. The amount of light available and its source can also influence where certain pieces will be placed while doing interior décor. The theme you are trying to create will also affect the kind of interior décor you will use. One might think that just because it is a music studio it will have one theme but different music studios can have different themes. It is just a matter of creativity and the effect that you are trying to achieve.

Decorating Your Music Studio

A good music studio should not only be visually appealing but should also be comfortable and have sound absorbing abilities. Some of the things that you can incorporate in your music studio interior décor include:

Bamboo panels

Bamboo panels are perfect to use in a music studio not only because it is visually appealing but also because it is great for absorbing sound. They are great for reducing ambient noise, which makes it great for a music studio especially a recording studio.

Acoustic foam

It is not only used for interior décor but it is great for acoustics since it reduces echo and improves the quality of sound in a room.


As mentioned earlier, lighting is an important aspect for interior décor as it can be used to create an ambience. Your choice will be mainly influenced by your sources and amount of natural light in the room. A dimmer and accent lighting can be great for featuring certain pieces in the room.

Display art

This can be through the work you have done or wall art or both.  You can find a wall art guide that can guide you in doing wall art for your studio. You can display the albums you have done or music instruments as décor.


Rugs are a great way to spice up a room. They can be used on floors or on the walls. With the right rugs your décor can go to the next level. Just make sure you choose the right colors and texture.

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