Bring More Music into Your Home with a Music Room

Every music lover adores the idea of having more music in their lives. And if you play and instrument or do your own recordings then having a dedicated music room may be a dream come true. So, how do you create a music room in your home? You essentially have three choices; you can convert an existing room in your home, buy a new home with an appropriate space, or build an addition.

To help you design the music room of your dreams, here are some tips to get you started.

Bring More Music into Your Home with a Music Room

Convert Current Space

If you own a home with some extra space, then converting a room into a music room may be ideal. Technically, any available room can become a music room without any changes, but it may not be ideal if you hope to record or want to play without bothering other household members. That means you need to consider adding additional insulation and upgrading the doors and windows.

Doors and windows represent leakage points in the space. By adding a heavier door, you can help dampen the sound escaping the room. You can also add layers of specialty vinyl to the surface to improve your current door. Windows will also need to be properly sealed to keep sound from leaving the space. Make sure you add proper ventilation to help maintain airflow but build an acoustic box to help keep the room soundproof.

You also need to insulate the walls to keep sound from coming through. This can be done in a number of ways. One is to access the interior of the current walls and adding insulation. You can also build a room within the room and insulate that structure. Installing floating floors can also help lessen any sound transference. Add additional surfaces for absorption and diffusion for better acoustics.

Buy a Home with Space

You can buy homes with music rooms already completed if you are patient. This means you don’t have to worry about completing any upgrades to the room to create the ideal space. However, finding a property with a full studio upgrade may be challenging.

An alternative is to buy a home with a proper space that can be refinished into a music room. This might be more convenient that renovating your current home as the improvements can be completed while the entire house is still empty.

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Build an Addition

This solution can work on your current home or in a newly purchased house. You can arrange to build your perfect space from scratch, allowing you to create a custom solution based on your needs. However, adding a room or new permanent structure does require some serious work and planning. You should likely enlist the help of professionals to navigate the permitting process, getting the building design completed and approved, and erecting the structure.

The interior finishes can also be managed by a professional, or you can choose to take the project on yourself if you prefer to save some money. However, if additional electrical or plumbing is required in the space, you might want to have those portions handled by a skilled contractor to ensure everything is added correctly.

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